TrueBlue touches the lives of hundreds of thousands of people each year, and understands the impact its work has on the workforce and communities in which the company operates.

Social Responsibility

Providing More than a Paycheck

We believe that a job provides more than a paycheck. Through work, people gain a sense of pride in a job well done, self-reliance and security, a community of their peers, and the chance to create a better future. As the world of work constantly changes, TrueBlue strives to help people maintain their employability with the opportunity to learn new skills, processes, and technologies.

In 2018, TrueBlue launched a pilot program called WorkUp to provide free skills training for PeopleReady associates. Developed in conjunction with Penn Foster, we offer a range of courses, from introductory work preparedness to construction techniques to electrical. The pilot started in two regions, and PeopleReady plans to offer it nationwide by 2020.

One day I walked into the PeopleReady branch and was shocked to see you offer the exact program I was interested in. It blew my mind. At first, I thought, ‘There’s no way.’ I couldn’t believe it was free! But I signed up, and completed the course. This is the real deal.

Paul WorkUp’s First Graduate

Keeping Employees Healthy & Safe

At TrueBlue, no job is so important, and no service is so urgent, that we cannot take the time to ensure work is performed as safely as possible. This is the commitment that spurred us to create TrueBlue’s BeSafe program. Through BeSafe, all of our business lines approach safety with common processes and best practices.

As a result of these efforts, TrueBlue has reduced its incident rate by 50% since 2006. BeSafe means we understand that the ultimate form of respect is to bring people home safe and sound.

Honoring Our Differences

The success of our company is a reflection of the quality and capability of our people. TrueBlue is committed to fostering, recognizing and embracing diversity, from our Board of Directors to our temporary associates. We cultivate a supportive environment of inclusion that values the experiences and contributions of every team member, regardless of their differences.

As part of our strategy to create this culture, TrueBlue established a Diversity and Inclusion Council (D&I Council). Among the initiatives created, the D&I Council launched Employee Resource Groups (ERG) to enhance a sense of belonging for everyone within the groups. ERG examples include HOLA – Hispanic Opportunity & Latin Awareness; African American Resource Connection; Be Proud – LGBTQ+ and allies; VETS – Veteran Employee Talent Society; AFA – Advocates for All Abilities; ACE – Asian Collective of Employees; HMC – Healthy Minds Collective; and WE+ – Women Empowered.

Protecting human rights

Every person deserves to be treated with respect, free of coercion and intimidation, and safe from violence, bullying, and harassment. These are the most basic of human rights. We do not tolerate discrimination, retaliation, harassment or bullying, or forced labor or human trafficking of children or adults, in any form.

Our employment policies proscribe these behaviors, enact measures to prevent them, and outline procedures for reporting and responding should the policies be violated.

Engaging for Change in our Communities

We are committed to the well-being of our employees and workers, and to the communities in which we live and work, and to addressing major social problems, locally and globally. TrueBlue channels this vision through our Groundworks engagement program to help our employees serve with their neighbors to build resilient communities.

Groundworks, our corporate citizenship engagement program, exists to Prepare the Workforce for the Future. Groundworks combines advocacy and volunteer leadership, philanthropy, and education and training programs.

GroundWorks: Prepare the workforce of the future

GroundWorks: Prepare the workforce of the future

Groundworks, corporate citizenship engagement program, exists to Prepare the Workforce for the Future. The program sponsors initiatives to do that through a combination of advocacy and volunteer leadership, philanthropy, and facilitating education and training opportunities for our associates and applicants. Groundworks empowers employees to lead as volunteers, advisors, or board members with organizations that speak to their passions. Groundworks also promotes TrueBlue’s continued advocacy with policy makers and community leaders for career and technical education and second chance opportunities, such as the CROP bill that we helped pass in Washington State.