TrueBlue is dedicated to understanding and managing its environmental impact and risks. As a staffing, workforce management, and human resource outsourcing organization, TrueBlue’s business operations produce limited carbon emissions and consume limited amounts of energy.

Shrinking Our Footprint

TrueBlue has a relatively low ecological footprint translates into minimal energy emissions. However, we have taken steps in our business that further limit our contribution to global climate change and the shared risk it presents to every individual, every business, and every community. We leverage technology to minimize environmental impact.

For Associates
We leverage technology to minimize environmental impact. Through innovations like our JobStack app, we no longer ask our associates to drive to a branch before or after a job assignment. And we pay mostly via electronic pay cards, reducing miles and paper usage.

For Corporate
We have taken steps at our corporate offices in Tacoma, Washington, and Chicago, Illinois, to limit our energy consumption, including: using smart thermostats and Energy Star compliance computers; retrofitting fluorescent lightbulbs to a more efficient LED system; and reclaiming energy from our data centers and elevators to provide supplemental heat for the building.

For Facilities
We continually search for opportunities to use sustainable, recycled, and non-toxic products in our facilities. We requested that our janitors use EPA-certified green and non-toxic cleaning products. Our paper products contain a minimum of 30% recycled and FSC Certified paper, and we encourage staff to think twice before printing as we aim towards a paperless office.

Purpose & Applicability

TrueBlue remains committed to managing our environmental impact, including understanding and recognizing opportunities in improving carbon and energy emissions, water usage, and hazardous waste, as well as finding areas to utilize sustainable and renewable product and energy sources.

Understanding our Ecological Footprint
TrueBlue’s core business operation is as a leading provider of staffing, workforce management, and human resource outsourcing services. As such, TrueBlue does not produce or manufacture any products or materials. Nevertheless, TrueBlue understands that certain areas of our business and operations have an impact on the environment.

Environmental Sustainability Commitments
TrueBlue is committed to the following practices and principles regarding understanding the ecological and improving our sustainability:
• Measure and Improve Energy and Water Consumption
• Increased Reporting
• Sustainable Product Sourcing
• Decreased Paper Usage
• Compliance with Laws
• Corporate Citizenship Committee

TrueBlue technology solutions and strategies have a positive impact on the environmental impact of our business and the associates and candidates we put to work.

PeopleReady’s JobStack application allows associates to take work and customers to post jobs without the need for paper applications or to travel to and from branches to be dispatched for work.

PeopleScout’s Affinix solution for recruitment placement outsourcing includes video conferencing, thus lessening the need for candidates to travel to and from job interviews.

Third-Party Providers

TrueBlue’s Supplier Code of Conduct requires all TrueBlue vendors to commit to protecting the environment and responding to the challenges posed by climate changes. Suppliers shall comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations regarding hazardous material, emissions, and waste/wastewater discharge. Suppliers shall endeavor to use policies and procedures to reduce its waste, water, and energy consumption.

Suppliers shall identify any hazardous materials or other materials posing a threat to the environment and take the steps to ensure the proper handling, movement, transportation, storage, use, and disposal of such materials.