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TrueBlue Diversity

TrueBlue's Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

The success of our company is a reflection of the quality and capability of our people. TrueBlue is committed to providing a supportive work environment in which all individuals realize their maximum potential, regardless of their differences. I wholeheartedly affirm this commitment and want to announce our newest journey — the implementation of a formal diversity and inclusion strategy at TrueBlue.

In today’s world, it is not enough to employ a workforce with varying backgrounds and views. We also need to welcome the differing experiences and perspectives we all bring when we work together. Embracing diversity and fostering an environment of inclusion brings out the best in everyone and delivers optimal results to our stakeholders.

As TrueBlue’s Chief Executive Officer, I am committed to fostering, recognizing and embracing the diversity that our employees and others bring to TrueBlue. I expect each of us to cultivate an environment of inclusion where each person is valued and everyone is encouraged to contribute, learn and grow as we strive to serve each other and our customers.


Steven C. Cooper, CEO