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PlaneTechs is the nation’s leading aviation staffing company. PlaneTechs is focused exclusively on meeting the flexible workforce requirements of the aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) industry and the aerospace manufacturing and assembly industry, with a full range of specialty technicians. PlaneTechs also has the specialized industry and recruiting expertise to navigate the Government/DoD aviation environments.

Our specialty division TransTechs is focused on providing highly skilled engine mechanics and maintenance technicians to support private and public vehicle fleets from coast-to-coast. Working with TransTechs allows fleet managers to flex their workforce up or down to meet project demands, without the expense, risk and burden of hiring.

PlaneTechs & TransTechs capabilities include:

  • Specialized knowledge in the commercial, military and general aviation industries
  • Transportation manufacturing and maintenance expertise for a wide variety of diesel engines
  • Database of more than 100,000 aviation and transportation technicians
  • Focus on putting America’s veterans to work

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